Thursday, 5 September 2013

Coming Up for Air

Last night I sent through the final instructions for my new book. Of course that sentence does not convey the frenzy and stress of the past few weeks. All self imposed. I set my own deadline, but then I had to. If I hadn't I would have tinkered with the book, changing a word here, a phrase there, forever. It will never be perfect and I'm sure when I hold the book in my hand I'll find something I'm not happy with within seconds. And as all writers know, some smart Alec will spot the mistake immediately, ignoring the months or years of research and the hours of sweating over words that has gone into creating a book. 

Although my new book is being officially published under my friend's publishing company, Clayhole Publishing, in reality the book has been entirely under my control. This is something I chose to do. Writer friends urged me to get an agent and/or send it to some of the big publishing houses but I'm afraid I was reluctant to give it to someone else. My first book was published by a local publisher and although they did a good job with it, all of the promotional work was done by me. I was paid very little and when the company decided to not to do a fourth reprint I was asked to pay a substantial amount to buy my book back.This time I asked myself what I would achieve with with another company that I couldn't do. I don't need the status, that doesn't interest me, I'm already a member of the Society of Authors. Getting the story to a readership is my prime purpose so inspired by the rise in self publishing I decided to follow my friend's example and take the risk myself. I'm flying by the seat of my pants but it's exciting. So, I'm hoping to present Mary Timney, The Road to the Gallows within the next few weeks. Watch this space. 

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