Thursday, 26 September 2013

Ok let's go...

So on Monday I get an email from our local printing company who have been producing my new book and the message is that the book's ready. It's fantastic after months of research, writing and putting the whole thing together to actually hold the book in my hands. And here's the front cover featuring a fantastic pen and ink drawing by illustrator Shalla Gray. It would be good now just to sit back and look at this finished product but this is not possible. Several writer friends felt that I should have offered the book to agents and major publishers but I decided to publish the book under my friend Julia MacDonald's imprint, Clayhole Publishing as it was Julia who first told me about Mary Timney. Julia believes she may be descended from one of Mary's four daughters. It seemed right, somehow, that this book, which aims to present a fairer picture of The Glenkens or Carsphad Murder, should be published by Julia. All I have to do now is sell it. Want to buy one, only £7.95 a copy? 

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Coming Up for Air

Last night I sent through the final instructions for my new book. Of course that sentence does not convey the frenzy and stress of the past few weeks. All self imposed. I set my own deadline, but then I had to. If I hadn't I would have tinkered with the book, changing a word here, a phrase there, forever. It will never be perfect and I'm sure when I hold the book in my hand I'll find something I'm not happy with within seconds. And as all writers know, some smart Alec will spot the mistake immediately, ignoring the months or years of research and the hours of sweating over words that has gone into creating a book.