Sunday, 9 September 2012

Blethering Again.

I'm hoping to meet up this week with Shalla Gray. I helped Shalla get her first children's book published with Galloway Children's Books, an imprint of GC Books of Wigtown, earlier this year. Shalla wrote and illustrated a lovely story of a young sheep who wanders through the delights of Dumfries and Galloway while searching for her lost fleece. It's called 'Charlotte's Woolly Yarn - A Spin Around South West Scotland.
I'm hoping that Shalla will do some illustrations for 'Maxwell's Mega Mission' in case I do decide to self publish. Shalla did some lovely pen and ink drawings to illustrate an anthology I edited for Wigtown Women's Walk called 'Singing Over the Bones.' 

I also met up last week with James McCarthy who has written a number of books including a short biography of Sir Patrick Stewart - not the actor, a Victorian pioneer of the electric telegraph who came from Galloway. G C Books will be publishing a new book by James about another interesting character from Dumfries and Galloway called Sir John Richardson. I'll mention more about this book in future blogs. 

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