Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Still Spending Too Much Time Blethering

Some years ago I was given a copy of The Secret by my sister. At first I was quite taken with this book. I realise a few people would just stop reading any further at the sight of that first sentence and now, quite frankly, I wouldn't blame them. I was going through a particulary spiritual phase at the time whereas reality has since bitten me really hard on the backside. So, getting to the point..... the gist of The Secret is the power of attraction, by stating what you want in life you will receive it. However, the downside is that if you have to control your thinking as well because whilst you may be stating one thing out loud, your thoughts may betray you. So here is the point... ta da... I called this blog Jayne Baldwin blethers rather than writes or creates or scribbles or, you get it, but by doing so I may have just enouraged my inner psyche to continue babbling. Since following Nicola Morgan's advice to build an author platform by opening a Twitter account I have spent valuable writing time getting sidetracked. It certainly is fun, but as an easily led,  undisciplined kind of person another distraction was not what I needed!
What I do need to do is get on with trying to find and agent/publisher for my fantastic children's book 'Maxwell's Mega Mission.'

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