Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Designing my platform

Although I've called this blog Jayne Baldwin Blethers I will be focussing on my writing and my adventures in the world of publishing. This is all part of my mission to give my writing my best shot. I went along to a writer's day in Castle Douglas recently which was all about using the social media to build your author platform. The main speaker was Nicola Morgan, author of more than 90 books and something of a guru now. She blogs at Help! I Need a Publisher and it's a source of great advice for anyone trying to get anywhere in publishing.
   Having taken her advice I've joined twitter, created an author page on facebook and now I'm starting a blog for my writing as opposed to whinging generally about life over the age of 50 on my ForwardFrom50 blog.
   I have no idea whether this is getting me anywhere. The only thing I can say for definite is that I haven't done any real writing since starting all this platform building!

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